Here we are. Conquering the world with empathy. Because that’s the world we want to live in. We’re operating in the financial market, being busy with simplifying B2B payments. What we offer? Buy Now, Pay Later for businesses. 

What we do

Businesses need to pay and get paid for goods and services. It’s what makes the business world go round. But, there’s one issue: sellers want to get paid as quickly as possible and buyers want to pay as late as possible. There is a gap between the two and no easy way of filling it. Until now.

Biller was built to bridge that gap. We act as a middle man between sellers and buyers, and simplify paying and getting paid for business purchases. Business buyers can buy today and pay us later, while we pay sellers straight away. It’s a win-win for all.

Biller and the people

True technology that serves the people, requires… people. The ones who are curious, dedicated, have focus and a good heart. Voilà, welcome to Biller.

Our core value:Tenacity Our core value:Tenacity Our core value:Tenacity Our core value:Tenacity Our core value:Tenacity Our core value:Tenacity Our core value:Tenacity

The world is demanding a lot of flexibility, these times. Today’s reality may look very different from next week’s. That’s a challenge, because how do you keep your course when it’s hard to predict what’s to come? To stay on track we need the highest level of flexibility, adaptability and agility. You know what that looks like?


Every setback is an opportunity.

Life is a lot of trial and error. So is technology. We learn. We keep trying. Back and forth. Until everything works the way we want it – and as our customers want it. We don’t give up. Whatever happens: let’s make it work. More twists and turns? Get more creative. Setback? Use it as an opportunity. We learn. We find our way, no matter the situation. With a smile. With a nod. Keep going!


Solve problems, deliver value.

We want to become the best Buy Now Pay Later service in the B2B market. It’s quite a climb. An important question arises: how do we get there? Together with our customers. Because we are here for them. All of them: besides the corporates, we also serve this huge group of freelancers, small businesses and startups. When they grow, we grow. It is challenging, but we are here to solve their problems and deliver value. Let’s focus on impact – all together!


Clarity above all.

Whatever decision needs to be made, the right information is vital. Insights, numbers, opinions, concerns: share what you’ve got. Your knowledge, your gut feeling, your analytical mind. We need it all. It’s what we navigate on. We’re all human. We work hard and do our best. Everyone has good intentions. We encourage feedback: share the positive, the negative and the personal. All with one purpose: to grow. As an individual, as a team and as a company. Clarity above all. It’s the only way to reach the top.


No problem is somebody else’s problem.

We believe in empowerment and ownership. We find problems, we get the data, we let our creativity flow. Bring your ideas to the table. Be proactive and find a way to execute. Mistakes happen, we all know that. How we own it and then move on, is where we find true character. Being part of Biller, means that we trust in your talents, your knowledge and your wisdom. And that you take responsibility to keep growing. Because the stronger, sharper and wiser you become, so does Biller. Empowering people to succeed.


We work together as a team.

Biller is like a village. Where we live and work together, creating a thriving community. We care for our product and we care for our people. Our aim is high and the only way to reach our goal is together. Because when we work together, we are the most connected, sharpest and creative. We feel part of the same goal, energy flows, ideas pop up. So hold passion as your indicator and take care of yourself and each other. We support and care for each other. We are in this together.

Let’s rise. All together.

We’re all linked. Human to human, business to business. We work closely with our clients and their customers. We hire the greatest talent: their gifts are the foundation of Biller. We’re surrounded by partners who have the expertise we need. Let’s rise. All together. Because together is everything.

The Biller story


Biller Incorporated 3 founders


Biller launched with the first seller


Acquisition by Banking Circle


15 employees joined Biller


3 Active markets


Crossborder purchases accepted from 7 countries in Europe

The Biller Team

At Biller we value diversity, welcoming talents from all over the world. And they come in all shapes and sizes.

19 employees

Aged between 22 and 49

41% female,
58% male,
1% other

16% are parents






Pet lovers

Wanted: Explorer Minds

Working for Biller means you are curious, dedicated and focused. You’ve got that explorer’s mind. You won’t rest till you’ve seen it all, discovered it all, understood it all. It’s a joy to dive into complex issues and eventually find the simplest possible solution. And you like to take this journey of discovery together with other explorer’s minds. Because together is everything.

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Together is everything Together is everything Together is everything Together is everything Together is everything Together is everything Together is everything