How ShopWired and Biller are advancing B2B Buy Now Pay Later

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It’s time for Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) to shake up the B2B e-commerce space. And thanks to a new partnership between Biller and ShopWired, that shake up is happening, bringing the convenience of the consumer checkout experience to business buyers worldwide.

"Biller’s goal is to help online B2B and B2C&B companies grow their businesses. After expanding into the UK, we knew that ShopWired would be a brilliant partner to help us achieve this goal”, says Biller Co-Founder & Managing Director Derek Vreeburg. 

ShopWired is one of the top-rated UK e-commerce platforms, allowing companies to manage all of their selling activity from one place. Biller, a B2B Buy Now Pay Later payment method, is now one of their preferred payment methods, and their exclusive B2B BNPL partner.

"Teaming up with Biller allows us to help our ever-growing number of B2B merchants by providing the ideal solution to common B2B payment problems. Biller eliminates issues such as late payments, non-payment and managing credit balances. In addition, Biller allows B2B companies to take better control of their finances as they’ll know exactly when they’ll be paid. We believe this partnership will help our merchants provide a painless payment experience that can only help in the growth of their businesses", says ShopWired CEO and Founder, Rob Brearly. 

Launched in 2021 to solve the lack of BNPL options in the B2B e-commerce industry, Biller simplifies both buying and selling online. After less than a year in the market, Biller was acquired by  Banking Circle  bringing the ideas of a startup to the reliability and experience of a market leader. The new Biller and ShopWired partnership signifies a long overdue shift in the B2B market that enables invoice payments in the digital age.

"ShopWired offers sellers a seamless and supported way to create their dream online store, while ensuring the best shopping experience for customers. This is great for both buyers AND sellers, aligning perfectly with our mission of supporting both sides in the transaction”, adds Derek. 

B2B BNPL: e-commerce evolved

BNPL is nothing new. Store accounts, buying from a catalogue and layaways are all predecessors to what we today know as BNPL. As e-commerce technology evolved in the 2000s, immediate payment became the norm for B2B online payments. Recently, consumers have discovered BNPL as an online payment method via services like Klarna and AfterPay. Millennials and Gen Z have emerged as the most likely demographics to engage with BNPL payments, and they will expect the same flexibility in their business transactions. (Global Data) Until now, there has been no equivalent for the B2B market. It’s time to level up and give businesses the same credit options. 

By 2025, it is predicted that BNPL volumes will reach $680 billion globally. (Codat) For most businesses, the practice of offering payment terms of 30 days is nothing new. Until now, the technology to apply these options to online sales hasn't been available. Now, with the payment flow in BNPL estimated at $127tn (Equity Research), the B2B market is ready to adopt BNPL at a global level.

ShopWired + Biller: the payment solution that advances both sides

Biller has developed a system that offers this traditional payment option in the new market – but with some improvements. It’s bringing buyers and sellers closer. With the market-leading ShopWired storefront, Biller is ready to shake up the B2B e-commerce space. In a really good way.

Increase conversions and average order value

Increase your revenue through improved checkout conversions and increased average order value. 

Simplify customer buying

Make it easy for your customers to buy on invoice from you. No credit card or trade account needed. Just an additional payment method for your customers to use.

Improve cash flow for sellers – get paid in 7 days. Guaranteed.

With guaranteed payments, you no longer need to worry about cash flow problems due to outstanding invoices or delayed payments. Biller’s got you covered. Every. Single. Time.

Offer flexible credit terms for customers

Your customers don’t want to pay straight away, and with Biller they don’t have to. Let them defer payment for up to 90 days – without impacting your cash flow. Everyone benefits.

Wave goodbye to tedious admin work

No more time and money spent on customer registrations, onboarding, lengthy credit checks or chasing late invoices – hand the risk over to Biller. 

Increase acceptance rate

Thanks to AI, credit checks are done in seconds and customers know instantly if they’re approved or not. Plus, enjoy selling to sole traders, freelancers and startups, because they’re invited too.

It’s easy to get started – be up and running in no time

Implementing Biller is as easy as flicking a switch. Once you have your Biller account set up and verified, you can activate it in your ShopWired dashboard. No technical knowledge or tech team needed. It’ll fit seamlessly into your existing checkout flow.

We want to support economies as they rebuild and thrive post-pandemic. With more payment options available, sellers and buyers have choice, flexibility, improved cash flow and the buying power to move their businesses forward. This is especially critical for small businesses and startups who need purchasing options that reflect their structures and revenue generation processes. 

Together, Biller and ShopWired will help sellers increase their conversion rates and grow their businesses, while reducing admin and credit risk.

About Biller

Biller is the B2B Buy Now, Pay Later payment method that simplifies online sales and purchases.

With Biller, business buyers can delay paying for their purchases – up to 90 days – with no risk to the sellers. They get paid in full in as quickly as seven days, regardless of when customers choose to pay. Plus, the checkout’s a breeze with all necessary credit checks made in a matter of seconds thanks to Biller’s use of AI.

Biller is part of the Banking Circle Group – an industry leader that currently processes 6% of European e-commerce payments in the global banking and payments space – with customers like Shopify, Stripe and Alibaba

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